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Mom And Dad Applique Design, Mom and Dad Embroidery Design, Mother's Day Embroidery, Fathers Day Gift, Applique Embroidery, 19 Sizes

Mom And Dad Applique Design, Mom and Dad Embroidery Design, Mother's Day Embroidery, Fathers Day Gift, Applique Embroidery, 19 Sizes

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Stitch this MOM and DAD design for yourself or make some cute gifts for family and friends this Mother's and Father's Day. This design set included both the MOM and DAD designs as well as individual letters to create every size you would want. Both designs are included with the same size letters to make a matching set.

MOM design size (DAD design included with same size letters to match):
5.00 Inches (12.70 cm) Wide X 1.57 Inches (3.98 cm) Tall
5.50 Inches (13.97 cm) Wide X 1.73 Inches (4.39 cm) Tall
6.00 Inches (15.24 cm) Wide X 1.89 Inches (4.80 cm) Tall
6.50 Inches (16.51 cm) Wide X 2.05 Inches (5.20 cm) Tall
7.00 Inches (17.78 cm) Wide X 2.20 Inches (5.58 cm) Tall
7.50 Inches (19.05 cm) Wide X 2.35 Inches (5.96 cm) Tall
8.00 Inches (20.32 cm) Wide X 2.50 Inches (6.35 cm) Tall
8.50 Inches (21.59 cm) Wide X 2.66 Inches (6.75 cm) Tall
9.00 Inches (22.86 cm) Wide X 2.82 Inches (7.16 cm) Tall
9.50 Inches (24.13 cm) Wide X 2.96 Inches (7.51 cm) Tall
10.00 Inches (25.40 cm) Wide X 3.11 Inches (7.89 cm) Tall
10.50 Inches (26.67 cm) Wide X 3.27 Inches (8.30 cm) Tall
11.00 Inches (27.94 cm) Wide X 3.42 Inches (8.68 cm) Tall
11.50 Inches (29.21 cm) Wide X 3.57 Inches (9.06 cm) Tall
12.00 Inches (30.48 cm) Wide X 3.72 Inches (9.44 cm) Tall
12.50 Inches (31.75 cm) Wide X 3.87 Inches (9.82 cm) Tall
13.00 Inches (33.02 cm) Wide X 4.02 Inches (10.21 cm) Tall
13.50 Inches (34.29 cm) Wide X 4.17 Inches (10.59 cm) Tall
14.00 Inches (35.56 cm) Wide X 4.32 Inches (10.97 cm) Tall

Single letter sizes by height:
1.50 Inches (3.81 cm)
2.00 Inches (5.08 cm)
2.50 Inches (6.35 cm)
3.00 Inches (7.62 cm)
3.50 Inches (8.89 cm)
4.00 Inches (10.16 cm)
4.50 Inches (11.43 cm)
5.00 Inches (12.70 cm)

If your file format is not included try these tips:
- DST is considered the universal file format and will work on most machines.
- There are many programs available for download to assist in converting the file.
- Contact us and we can help with the file conversion.

PDF thread color charts included.

This is a digital embroidery file. Not a patch. You MUST have an embroidery machine and the software needed to transfer it from your computer to the machine to use this digital file.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Designs are available for instant download.

You can use these everywhere in products you make yourself. You may stitch the design, and sell the finished item. You are not allowed to sell, share, give away or trade Stitch Wicked Shop digital designs or files.

Due to the nature of this item (Digital Download), there are no refunds. If there is a problem with the file you receive, contact us and we will work with you to the best of our abilities to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

Re-sizing or editing of the designs is not recommended and we can not guarantee the quality of the designs if you alter them in any way.

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